Standards are the way we fulfill our mission and deliver invasive plant species natural resources. 

Overview & Infographics

This document outlines the steps and requirements to meet the Green Anchor Standards, and to understand compliance criteria of the Green Anchor Program. The graphics illustrate the roles of all parties involved in the Green Anchor program.


This document outlines the duties and requirements for all parties involved in Green Anchor. 


Completing the application is the first step in getting your invasive products Green Anchor Certified.

Compliance Criteria

This document includes the tables for Green Anchor Compliance Criteria. This is the criteria that a third-party will use to assess if the Green Anchor Compliance Criteria has been met.

Terms & Definitions

Provides definitions and explanations for the terms used in the Green Anchor Certified Standards, Compliance Criteria, and all supplemental documents.

Price & Premium Information

This is the complete list of Green Anchor Premium Amounts and Green Anchor Minimum Prices for all products Green Anchor Certified. 

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