Invasive species effect 5% of the global economy.

120 billion

The yearly amount Invasive Species cost the United States in damages, according to U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services.
The amount of lakefront property values lost due to invasive species.


200 million

Annual cost to prevent ships from spreading invasive species to the Great Lakes.

78.5 million

The amount the Federal Government committed in 2010 to prevent Asian Carp from being introduced into the Great Lakes.


The annual publication cost for public education related to Zebra Mussel prevention and control by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation.  

Societal & Economic Impact of Invasive Species

Invasive species have a profound impact on the ecosystems they enter. Populations of native species are reduced or eliminated by the spread of these invaders. This has major repercussions for communities that rely on native natural resources for income and sustenance. All told, the negative economic impact of invasive species in the United States amounts to $120 billion annually. Furthermore, it is estimated that the around the world invasive species have an economic impact equivalent to 5% of the global economy. Green Anchor addresses this negative impact at a local level through invasive species harvest. Through our certification system, communities can earn money while taking steps to restore their natural resources.