Invasive Species Agency Contacts 

State and federal agencies are tasked with the management of invasive species to protect our natural resources, infrastructure, and economy. Green Anchor is committed to openly communicate and partner with these agencies to share insight and solutions to the challenges presented by invasive species.
Neal Jackson
Fish Biologist 
Large Rivers Coordination Office
Erika Jensen
Project Manager
Seth J. Herbst, Ph.D.
Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator
Cleyo Harris
Fisheries Biologist, Lake Erie Management Unit
Frank Fiss
Chief, Fisheries Division
Nathan Aycock
Fisheries Biologist
Larry Pugh
Director of Fisheries
Kevin Irons
Aquaculture and Aquatic Nuisance Species Program Manager
Jessica Morris
Fisheries Biologist, Critical Species Investigations
Ron Brooks
Fisheries Biologist, Critical Species Investigations